First Swiss Watch with Prayer Times

Alfajr Watch & Clock company has launched the first Swiss watch which shows Muslim prayer times and Qibla direction for all cities and locations worldwide.

User of the watch only needs to select a city (from the cities list) then the watch will automatically set time, date and shows the correct prayer times in that city. A special program in the watch automatically modifies the information to show the correct prayer times every day, and throughout the years.

This Watch acquired many years of research and development as it displays dual time (analogue – Digital) and both can be set from the watch crown. Watch components are made of high quality materials in a top of the line factory in Switzerland.

The watch allows setting the lunar calendar as a primary calendar. For precise indication of prayer times, the watch automatically refer to the local prayer times calendar “Taqweem” for a particular country, for example Um Al Quraa taqweem for Saudi Arabia and Egyptian Taqweem for Egypt and so on. Different Taqweems have slight difference in calculating some prayers especially Fajr and Isha prayers.